Body Slimming Massager

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Adapter output power: 15V, 800mA

Adapter input power: AC100-240V 

Frequency: 1 MHz 

Size: approximately 19x8x6 cm

Weight: 140g

Power: 12 W


Skin care to clean, lighten, soften the appearance of the skin. 

Deep and moisturizing cleansing, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fat deposits and softens skin texture. 

This device adopts 1 Mhz ultrasound and infrared energy to massage and treat the skin effectively, in addition to performing ultrasonic slimming massage to sculpt the body contour, remove excess fat, tone the muscle, stimulate healthy body function through of cell rejuvenation and rehabilitation of body balance.

Packing list

1 X Debugger 

1 x Charging adapter 

1 x Leader cables 

4 x Contact pads 

1 × Instruction Manual

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